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by | October 26, 2016 | 07:54

Speaker Ana Pastor said parliament would begin a confidence debate on Rajoy on Wednesday evening. Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he has been tasked by the king to form a new government, the latest attempt to break a 10-month political deadlock in the European country and to bring the conservatives back to power.

by | October 25, 2016 | 01:08

Since then, the number of cases dropped from 350,000 to just 27 this year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "This clearly indicates we are not there yet, but it is the best indication that we are not very far from finish line", said the spokesperson for the ministry.

by | October 24, 2016 | 00:44

Trump stuck to his belief the election is "rigged against him", repeated false concerns about widespread voter fraud and insisted Clinton should have been barred from running because of legal questions about her use of a private email system as secretary of state.

by | October 24, 2016 | 00:45

The global group said Friday that despite humanitarian pauses in the northern city, there are concerns that there are an increased number of children already injured by cluster bombs who may be too unwell to leave or untreatable in the existing medical facilities.

by | October 24, 2016 | 00:42

Members of a group called the "newly-formed alliance of national minorities" issued a statement saying they were protesting "unequal relations with the USA, while supporting Duterte's independent foreign policy". "I will try to talk to the police , invite him for coffee, and I will talk to the activists para naman hindi sila (so they are not) - I would like to know what really happened", said Duterte on Saturday, October 22, during a press conference in Davao City.

by | October 23, 2016 | 01:30

If the patrol did cross the 12-mile barrier, it would be considered a "freedom of navigation operation", which is approved by the highest levels of the military and allows the enter foreign countries' waters. Each time, Beijing has expressed outrage over US actions. Beijing claims nearly the entire South China Sea, through which about $5 trillion worth of trade passes every year.

by | October 23, 2016 | 01:29

In a statement released earlier this week, the National Football League said attempts to obtain more information on Brown were denied by the King County Sheriff's office. "It's real simple. for them to say it's our fault - and it's not our fault any more than it's their fault when you get right down to it - for them to say it's our fault that they only gave them a one-day suspension, that's just not true".

by | October 22, 2016 | 06:49

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will visit Beijing from Tuesday until Friday to meet with his counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in hopes of strengthening relations between China and the Philippines. She said China is willing to work with all parties in the South China Sea to maintain peace and stability. Among others, he needs to resist the temptation to thrust the so-called final award in the arbitration case to bilateral talks on the South China Sea issue.

by | October 22, 2016 | 06:48

President Duterte announced his "separation" from the United States both in military and economic aspects before Chinese and government officials. "American has lost", he said . In 2002 the Pentagon deployed troops in the south region of the country in order to train local units against Abu Sayyaf as part of a program that was apparently suspended in 2015.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:22

Other analysts question the potential basing of U.S. Air Force bombers to American bases in South Korea. Communist North Korea and the rich, democratic South remain technically at war because their 1950-53 civil war ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:19

Since then fighting has intensified, and hours before the start of the new truce heavy clashes rocked Yemen . Sanaa on Wednesday passed its first night in three months without air strikes and the truce was generally holding across the Arabian Peninsula state, residents and officials said.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:13

Tostee had pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering New Zealand tourist, Wright, 26, on August 8, 2014 after she fell from his balcony in the early hours of the morning. Warriena Wright's mother never wanted to hear her dying screams. Ms Wright's family was also in tears after the verdict. Wright's sister, Marreza Wright, told the court she had received two Facebook messages that night from her sibling, the Brisbane Times reported .

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:09

The site also encourages families to create or plan family disaster plans. Students at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School took time out of their school day to prepare for an natural disaster. A massive province wide quake drill called The Great BC Shakeout took place today with an estimated 800,000 participants. "We need to get out of here in case the building is going to fall on us".

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:08

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) have both agreed that it appears Russian Federation is behind the operation. "I'll keep you in suspense". Democrats called on Republican leaders to repudiate "Trump's utter contempt for our democracy", as Nevada Senator Harry Reid put it.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:04

FC Zenit were forced to come from behind to earn a 2-1 victory over a hugely impressive Dundalk in the Europa League at Tallaght Stadium tonight. Stephen Kenny's side have been battling injury worries though, with captain Stephen O'Donnell already ruled out with a hamstring injury.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:04

Pitino, who has won national championships with both Louisville and Kentucky, is one of the sport's biggest coaches, also having spent time in the NBA with the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics. Last season, Syracuse's Jim Boeheim and then-SMU coach Larry Brown each were forced to sit for nine games over violations. Here is where the NCAA investigation and charges got it right, in my judgment.

by | October 20, 2016 | 06:12

Mr Eadie told the court there still would be scrutiny. Lord Pannick, representing lead claimant Gina Miller, who Business Insider interviewed in August, said the government had "no answer" to the argument that triggering Article 50 would lead to rights being destroyed without parliament's approval.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:57

Halloween revellers who dress as scary clowns face arrest following a spate of threatening pranks across the United Kingdom, police warned. "Also, by taking part in this craze, people could find themselves in a situation which leads to a public order incident".

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:54

It is a common misconception that health insurance costs on the ACA Marketplace are higher than employer-sponsored health insurance premiums. Meanwhile, more than 1 million customers will need to find new plans as insurers pull out of the marketplace.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:48

It's unprecedented, ' the Democratic president said on Tuesday. In spite of Putin's denial that Russia has been involved in the Wikileaks email dumps, and in spite of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denying Russian involvement, the Obama administration is insisting to the contrary.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:52

A Toronto ad-agency noticed that those living south of the border are facing a tough decision right now, so the group wanted to make sure Americans knew how really great they are. "And a Brit tried to squeeze in on the cyber-love, tweeting: "... you lot are the best cousins we could ask for. With the election date approaching, they decided that they would send a message to their nearest and dearest to let them know that the country was already great, even if Trump didn't think so.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:47

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner, speaking in Washington on Monday, said the Russian-Syrian pause planned on Thursday was "a bit too little, too late". Two six-week old babies - a boy and a girl - were among those killed, according to a list of names and ages issued by the Aleppo Media Center (AMC).

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:48

Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen may have launched missiles at U.S. Navy ships for the third time this week, defense officials said Saturday. The USS Mason was previously targeted twice this week and the countermeasures Saturday come days after the US fired retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed Houthi rebel sites in Yemen .

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:50

The front line east of Mosul is now some 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the city. Iraqi forces are deployed outside Mosul, Iraq, on Monday, during an offensive to retake the city from Islamic State militants. Even a handful of jihadists returning would pose a "serious threat that we must prepare ourselves for", King added. The jihadists captured tanks, weapons, ammunition and money to fuel their subsequent operations.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:47

Siamak Namazi and his 80-year old father were convicted of "cooperating with the hostile American government" along with four other people including Nizar Zaka, a permanent USA resident from Lebanon who was arrested in November 2015. The web site said the video depicted "the first images of the moment of Siamak Namazi's arrest". We urge Iran to immediately release the Namazis - as well as all dual nationals unjustly detained in Iran on spurious charges - so that they can reunite with their ...

by | October 18, 2016 | 01:27

The Turkish government said that withdrawing Turkish troops from Iraq is out of the question and that the Turkish soldiers are in Iraq as part of an worldwide mission to train and equip Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) group.

by | October 18, 2016 | 01:17

Lorenzanza said that the Philippines could manage if the USA chose to withdraw military aid from the country, an estimated $180 million this fiscal year, which began October 1. "The United States held on to invisible chains that reined us in towards dependency and submission as little brown brothers not capable of true independence and freedom", Yasay said.

by | October 18, 2016 | 01:07

Though SUM hospital kept mum whether any patient died on its premises during the tragedy, different hospitals where the patients were admitted to after being rescued, confirmed they received 22 bodies. "Five fire tenders have been pressed into service to contain the blaze". "So far we have received some "brought dead" people at the Capital Hospital".

by | October 18, 2016 | 00:50

In a finding that mirrors a damning United Nations report released two weeks ago, Amnesty warned Nauru was structurally incapable of protecting children's human rights. It is undeniable that prolonged periods of indefinite detention have a direct and negative effect on people's mental health, according to the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

by | October 17, 2016 | 09:31

Marquis Haynes intercepted an Allen pass at midfield. After a Razorbacks field goal, Kelly did some damage on the ground on another quick Ole Miss touchdown drive capped off by a two yard Akeem Judd run to cut the lead to 17-13. Allen found Drew Morgan for a 13-yard touchdown pass for a 14-7 lead. Arkansas then went on one of its trademark 13-play, 73 yard trudges, but again could only settle for a field goal.