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by | October 10, 2016 | 01:56

Several people injured in crashes caused by the cruiser were taken to the hospital, but Noble could not say how many were treated. It was unclear if the same person was responsible for all of the crashes. The suspect, named by police as Steven Bourgoin, drove northbound in the southbound lane until he collided with a auto full of teenagers. Henry said after Bourgoin fled the scene, he turned around before police could intercept him and he once again raced the wrong way on the interstate.

by | October 10, 2016 | 01:52

Even in death, Mr Peres was instrumental in bridging differences: The funeral offered an opportunity for Mr Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to meet after months of failed global efforts to arrange a summit. "He understood from hard-earned experience that true security comes through making peace with your neighbours". "He started life as Israel's brightest student, became its best teacher and ended up its biggest dreamer".

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:32

But the Cougars couldn't get into the end zone often enough despite compiling a whopping 484 yards in offense. That led to Darryl Bonner's first career touchdown on a 17-yard pass from Worth for a 27-20 lead. Ward has completed 99 of 140 passes for 1,325 yards and eight touchdowns. He carried the ball 26 times. Linell Booner led in receiving with 159 yards and a touchdown in 12 receptions while Steven Dunbar had 97 yards and a touchdown in five catches.

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:34

No further information was immediately available. The suspect also shot a third officer who survived the shooting. Zerebny, a "wonderful, young, dedicated" 27-year-old officer, joined the department last year, Reyes said . A third officer was wounded. The shooting occurred after two officers went to a home on receiving a report from a female caller that her adult son was causing a disturbance, police chief Bryan Reyes said.

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:34

Woolfe "subsequently collapsed and was taken to hospital". After his collapse, it was feared Mr Woolfe - one of two people to declare their intention to succeed Diane James after she resigned this week as UKIP leader - was seriously ill.

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:34

Russia's last minute introduction of a rival resolution on Friday afternoon took Western supporters of the French draft by surprise. Russian Federation circulated its own draft on Friday and said it would be put to a vote after the French text on Saturday.

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:29

A police spokeswoman says the attacker opened fire on a passenger waiting there as he drove a vehicle. "One of them was a police officer, who fought the terrorist in order to end the attack", director of the hospital, Osnat Levtzion-Korah, told reporters.

by | October 09, 2016 | 14:32

He's looking around the lobby, committing on how things have changed when security comes out and escorts him outside. In another clip, Danny is seen interrupting a meeting between Joy and Ward Meachum, his childhood friends and current adversaries.

by | October 08, 2016 | 07:46

After the event, the Clinton campaign said questions were not vetted beforehand, the New York Times reports. "If just two or three voters per precinct had gone the other way or stayed at home, Barack would have lost this state", she said.

by | October 08, 2016 | 07:40

She said the BJP leadership's reported directive to its leaders and ministers not to issue statements on the surgical strikes seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The video was interpreted as an appeal to silence Pakistan by releasing the video of the surgical strikes. What is shocking, perhaps even to the Congress scion, is that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, too, joined the chorus of those criticizing Gandhi.

by | October 08, 2016 | 07:39

Numerous threats have been directed at schools. Until I learned that there will now be a " Clown Lives Matter " protest to prove to children that there are good clowns out there. Three boys were playing basketball at Discovery School in Whitby when they saw the man in clown makeup or a mask behind a building. These reports are based in South New Jersey and have yet to be verified.

by | October 08, 2016 | 07:40

The comments were made on a return flight to Rome at the end of a three-day trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan. The pope said he is "in favour of family and life, which in these times require special pastoral and cultural attention around the world", according to The Independent .

by | October 08, 2016 | 07:37

Earlier this week, the US State Department announced a suspension in "bilateral channels with Russia" relating to finding a way to resolve the Syrian civil war. During Friday's debates, Russian lawmakers said that Russia should demonstrate its military muscle to deter the U.S. Human rights groups have accused Syria and Russian Federation of killing thousands in their assault on Aleppo, Syria's largest city.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:28

This clash between free speech and trademark protection has drawn wide attention in part because the Washington Redskins football team is locked in the same dispute. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law regulates "merely prices", not speech, but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, holding that Florida's virtually identical law "targets expression alone".

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:26

About 3.5 million Falcons, once Australians' most popular vehicle, have been built since 1960, but few have been exported. Even employees of the Ford Motor Company, who are headquartered in nearby Dearborn, went up to the car's window to ask what it was.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:26

The Syrian military and its allies have gained control of part of a key neighborhood on Aleppo's front line, pushing into the city's rebel-held east, Syrian state media and a UK-based monitoring group said. The government is accused by opponents and global observers of using violence to forcibly depopulate areas seen as disloyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:26

This led the party's parliamentary board to call off the merger just three days after the announcement. Shivpal, recently anointed state SP chief after Akhilesh was divested of the position, said the decision had the blessings of SP national president Mulayam Singh Yadav.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:22

Japan rejects the ADIZ, which encompasses disputed islands that are known as the Senkakus in Japan and Diaoyu in China . In mid-2014, Japanese and Chinese jets had a tense standoff in a region where both zones overlap, with Japan's Defense Minister saying the planes at one point came within 30 feet of each other.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:25

The Chinese fighters and bombers flew between Okinawa's main island and Miyako-jima island near Taiwan in a show of force, according to media sources . Since the East China Sea ADIZ was set up almost three years ago, the PLA Air Force has kept regular patrols. In other words, the United States and its nuclear arsenal would back Japan in any war with China over the small, uninhabited outcrops.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:22

In a brief statement to reporters as he left the presidential mansion, Uribe said both he and Santos would appoint representatives to begin talks Thursday. The "No" vote won by less than half a percentage point. The future of the deal seems to hang on whether the FARC will accept tougher conditions for demobilization, perhaps combined with a softening of Uribe's hard-line demands.

by | October 06, 2016 | 08:28

Constitution". "Those statements stand in contrast to this university's strong history of student activism and in opposition to the position of the Chancellor", they wrote in a statement. Asked if it was a good idea to limit these protests, Shibley suggested that officials consider a 1943 Supreme Court ruling, West Virginia State Board of Education v.

by | October 06, 2016 | 08:26

The 19-year-old activist will arrive in Hong Kong at about 3:45pm local time, according to a statement posted online by Demosisto Party , of which he is a leader. "I am very disappointed with the Thai government", Chotiphatphaisal told reporters. In August, a Hong Kong court sentenced him to community service for his role in the protests.

by | October 06, 2016 | 08:23

Academic programmes across the country have been disrupted by the FeesMustFall campaign since the middle of September, when the government announced that universities will be allowed to increase their 2017 fees by up to 8 per cent for students who can afford it.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:28

Top winds Monday afternoon are estimated at about 135 miles per hour, and the storm may drop up to 40 inches of rain on the Haitian mountains. Hurricane Matthew slightly grew stronger early Tuesday and shifted closer to Florida , according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami .

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:28

He couldn't name one world leader he admired. You'd think they would have run into each at cocktail parties or maybe chatted on the phone once or twice about shared concerns. "What makes her qualified for the highest office in the land?" "Amazingly we've had six endorsements from newspapers, Trump zero". The Detroit News has taken that stand and we should also.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:24

This is a real bummer to anyone who's wondered what Chinese food at a pancake "world" tastes like. Luke's serves as the backdrop for numerous witty conversations between the coffee-addicted mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore during the show.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:21

In a country with several extremist groups and militants of all stripes operating, the Islamic State's presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan has, up until the last six months, been relatively small in a saturated market. Counterterrorism missions are commonly carried out by Special Operations troops. Some U.S. forces were also on the ground there in support of the Afghans.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:20

His latest broadside against the United States came in a speech before a local convention attended by officials and business executives. Under the new defense accord, US military personnel in the Philippines are to be deployed on a rotational basis.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:21

Separately, Sikhs who were relocated to camps from residential localities nearing border by Indian forces have complained of inadequate facilities at the camps and raised voice against Indian army and the government. Addressing a function in New Delhi on Sunday, he claimed "India has not attacked anyone; it is neither hungry for any territory". That's because there are plenty of locals with grievances against India's stewardship.

by | October 05, 2016 | 00:07

There are many loved ones who have left us, who fell here under the rubble. "I would like to be close to the people". "We go forward, there is always a future ", he said on what was the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the venerated Catholic figure in whose honour Francis selected his papal name.