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by | August 31, 2016 | 07:05

England kept faith in the same playing XI for the third successive match, after beating Pakistan in the first two ODIs of the five-match series. Hales and Root's 248-run partnership is the second highest for the second wicket for England .

by | August 31, 2016 | 07:06

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced to be investing about $30 billion in Africa for the development of infrastructure, education and healthcare. China's vice foreign minster criticized the move, and said Japan is trying to politicize the conference. Mr Abe will use the opportunity to meet dozens of leaders from across Africa , among them Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta and South Africa's Jacob Zuma.

by | August 31, 2016 | 07:04

The fact that many of her usual allies are locked in tight House and Senate races may be contributing to the surrogate silence, as they focus on their own races. State Department officials confirmed the existence of those emails to a federal judge on Monday. The requests were being made through Doug Band , a longtime counselor to Bill Clinton, who served as a top executive at the Clinton Foundation at the time, on behalf of some of the foundation's biggest donors.

by | August 31, 2016 | 06:59

One Labour source told The Guardian that as the incident threatened to get out of hand on Tuesday, the Labour leader could not be reached because he was making jam. "I don't think these people are always being served properly by the SNP". He said: "We've gone from second to third". In 2015, the SNP won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland.

by | August 31, 2016 | 06:59

The area was battered by the intense rainstorms caused by Typhoon No. 10, which tore through northeastern Japan after making landfall in the prefecture on the evening of August 30. The typhoon forced many manufacturers, including Toyota Motor Corp., to suspend operations at factories in the region for the safety of their workers.

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:30

Carter told reporters at the Pentagon that Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford spoke to his Turkish counterpart on Sunday. Meanwhile, Turkish armed forces carried out 57 artillery strikes on 16 militant targets in northern Syria over 24 hours, a Turkish military source said on Monday.

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:29

Kyaw is on a four-day visit to India seeking support in the ongoing rebuilding efforts in Myanmar, formerly Burma. Two out of the four agreements signed today are to fill in the gaps to construct the India-Myanmar-Thailand highway. In this context, both sides agreed that the delegations of India and Myanmar will continue to work together closely during deliberations in all relevant United Nations fora, the statement added.

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:25

A high-end French restaurant has been accused of Islamophobia after allegedly refusing to serve Muslim customers, arguing "All Muslims are terrorists". He cited the current row in France over a ban - which has since been lifted after a court challenge - over women wearing burkinis on beaches. Le Parisien reports that the chef has now been interviewed by police on suspicion of enacting "racial discrimination".

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:26

A suicide auto bomb attack on an army training camp in Yemen's second city of Aden killed at least 45 people, medical sources say. That decision, which was criticized by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, gives the rebels and their allies control of much of the north, including the capital Sanaa, and leaves President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi's loyalists with control of most of the south.

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:25

In June, the European Union expanded its anti-smuggling operation in the central Mediterranean to include training Libyan coastal and naval forces, which are intercepting boats and returning migrants to Libya. They cram into boats that are small and unsafe for the 190-mile perilous journey from Libya's shores. Thousands of migrants try each year to flee Libya and make it to Italy but many drown during the crossing.

by | August 30, 2016 | 03:24

That means the program to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States is well ahead of schedule considering President Obama announced last fall his administration's goal was to resettle 10,000 refugees by the end of September. In 2009, two al-Qaeda operatives feigned refugee status from Iraq. As such, he set a goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year. The administration pressed forward with Syrian refugee resettlement in spite of the opposition.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:25

Both Turkey and the United States have ordered the YPG to withdraw to the east bank of the river. Last week, the Turkish army launched a cross-border operation with the help of the US-led coalition forces to drive out the IS terrorists from its border following the Gaziantep suicide attack that killed at least 55 persons and series of mortar attacks targeting the Karkamis district.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:25

The organization seeks to add an additional 250 virtual volunteers as soon as possible. Clarke was called by the Red Cross more than a week ago and 24 hours later, she deployed. Mental health specialists from New Jersey are also helping children cope with the disaster. Health services volunteers are helping with things like lost eyeglasses and medications.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:22

Some additional strengthening is possible, but Gaston is forecast to stay just under Category 3 strength. The storm system is moving slowly over Cuba and the southern Bahamas Saturday and should reach Florida sometime Sunday. The impacts involving heavier rain could begin as early as Wednesday and linger into Friday. Hurricane Gaston continues to gain strength but does not appear to be a threat to land.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:19

A fire truck and two vehicles were on the shoulder of I-10 because of an earlier accident involving a pick-up truck. The driver of the bus has been identified as 37 year old Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez. All occupants of the Silverado were transported to local hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. Starr was a rear-seat passenger in the Camry and was pronounced dead at the scene.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:19

He said while the Colombia electoral system was not ideal, the best way to deal with those flaws in the system was having the FARC participate fully in the elections and fight for interests of the citizens. He lamented that the deal gives "impunity" to members of the Colombian armed forces implicated in the decade-old "false positives" scandal. Colombia's government has published the final text of the peace accord and it weighs in at nearly 300 pages.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:21

John the Baptist Parish as we lost one of the bravest and most dedicated firefighters that I know", said St. John the Baptist Parish President Natalie Robottom. John the Baptist Parish Fire Chief, 36 year old Spencer Chauvin of Gramercy, La. and 21 year old Jermaine Starr of Moss Point, Ms. The second person killed was in the back seat of a auto involved in the second accident, police say.

by | August 29, 2016 | 03:21

More than a million visitors are expected to attend the celebrations in west London on Sunday, the day dedicated to children and families. Minutes later, police were called to another stabbing on Portobello Road, taking one person to hospital.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:47

This is impermissible, they said, because the state constitution limits citizen-initiated amendments only to "structural and procedural" questions concerning the General Assembly. "Mapmaking by legislators - the very people whose re-elections depend on partisan maps - has led to a decline in competitive elections and voter dissatisfaction", said Dennis FitzSimons, the group's chairman.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:48

Churkin said it was important the report concluded that Islamic State militants had used mustard gas "because all talk we heard about any use of chemical weapons was an effort to ascribe things to the Syrian government". At the time , DAESH militants were attacking opposition groups. Jim said three attacks indicated possible government involvement - in Kfar Zita in Hama governorate on 18 April, 2014, and in Qmenas on 16 March, 2015 and Binnish on 24 March, 2015, both in Idlib governorate.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:47

Curfew remained in force in five police station areas of downtown Srinagar, a police official said. Constable Khurshid Ahmad Ganai was shot by armed gunmen outside his residence at Koil in Pulwama this morning, a police official said. They alleged that forces personnel after targeting people with pellets and tear-smoke shells ransacked houses and thrashed people including women and children.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:49

Could there be a better case for taking the railways back into public ownership? The weird row led to Virgin Trains' communications department releasing a lengthy statement refuting Mr Corbyn's claims, as well as CCTV images of the leader of the opposition as evidence that seating was available.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:44

As noted by Peace Now, using military land for a settlement would violate both a 1979 Israeli Supreme Court decision and worldwide law. The Palestinians swiftly condemned the move, saying they would seek worldwide pressure to halt the plan from going forward.

by | August 28, 2016 | 09:43

Diyarbakir is the main city in Turkey's largely Kurdish southeast, where Kurdish militants have waged a three-decade insurgency. The city is a flashpoint for attacks by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) that has been fighting for an autonomous Kurdish region in the country's southeast since 1984.

by | August 27, 2016 | 07:18

But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject, and I've had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me, and they've said, 'Mr. "Whether you like it or not, he is so weak on illegal immigration, it's laughable and everybody knows it". 'And I think Donald Trump understands this.

by | August 27, 2016 | 07:17

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey previously failed to convince the United States to help with the buffer zone, however, and was unwilling to act alone. "The US did not have any foreknowledge of what befell you on the 15th (of July)", Biden said, while condemning the "treasonous" act by the Turkish armed forces involved in the botched putsch.

by | August 27, 2016 | 07:11

The triumph capped a brilliant tenure as Team USA head coach for Krzyzewski, who stepped down having guided the Americans to three consecutive Olympic gold medals. With the win, Taurasi, Sue Bird and Tamika Catchings all captured their fourth gold medals, tying the record for most Olympic golds in women's basketball history.

by | August 27, 2016 | 07:12

Now a president eyeing the end of his second term, Obama was neither emotional nor particularly defensive in relaying his message to residents. Edwards estimated the flooding damaged more than 100,000 homes. "In the rain and everything they were still here". The sandbag wall had to be reinforced with a plywood wall. Trump was over here, but he wasnt, ” she said.

by | August 26, 2016 | 15:42

I mean, we've introduced this new lifestyle to women that never had it. France's highest court will examine a request from the French Human Rights League on Friday to scrap the burkini bans, with lawyers arguing that the short-term legislation is illegal.

by | August 26, 2016 | 15:38

A Saudi official with the Muslim World League authored the article, and JMMA was founded and funded by the former head of the Muslim World League. In 1995 Clinton addressed the United Nation's conference on women in Bejing in 1995, where she famously said "women's rights are human rights".