Usher Sources Deny He Had Sex With Questionable Accuser Quantasia Sharpton

Usher Sources Deny He Had Sex With Questionable Accuser Quantasia Sharpton

Reportedly, the R&B crooner has told his inner circle he didn't sleep with Quantasia Sharpton because she's not his type.

According to new reports, singer, Usher is herpes free! According to a report from TMZ, sources say while Usher may have called Sharpton on stage with him, he absolutely did not "hook up with her".

Sharpton said Usher picked her out of the audience at his concert, got her phone number and then went to her hotel room.

Recently, Usher has been hit with lawsuits claiming that he did not tell his sexual partners that he allegedly has herpes.

Usher's loyal wife, Grace Raymond, is said to be unfazed by the accusations because her husband is clean. He arrived a half hour later.

At least we can say this: Usher was kind in his denial that he had sexual relations with Sharpton. The 21-year-old Quantasia claimed that she was 19 when she met Usher at his concert, as Sharpton stood out in the crowd for wearing a birthday crown.

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The Huffington Post added that Sharpton has faced fat-shaming and harassment on both her Instagram and Twitter pages, which have since been either deleted or made private.

Prior to suing Usher, Sharpton wrote that she is in "need" of "some money" on social media, casting doubt on her motives. He believes it's an "esteem booster" for women to be singled out by him in this way.

West Coast rapper The Game is one of the few celebrities giving his two-cents on the herpes allegations.

But however much Usher and his critics want to go after Sharpton, they haven't had much definitive to say about Usher's other accusers, other than that they think they must be lying.

NYM&G Insurance Company filed documents claiming that they should not pay for this flurry of lawsuits and that Usher did not disclose his reported 2012 settlement with the company when he signed on for its policy in 2016.

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