Lindsey Graham issues dire warning to Trump about firing Robert Mueller

Lindsey Graham issues dire warning to Trump about firing Robert Mueller

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a supporter and friend of President Donald Trump, said Sunday that Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer in June of a year ago was a bad idea, but everyone would be best served to wait for special counsel Robert Mueller's findings on the matter.

"Why are we engaging in hypotheticals?"

"I have no indication the president is going to fire Mueller", he said, "his lawyer said today, here recently, that they wanna get this over with as quickly as possible". "You're going back to President Obama and Hillary Clinton".

The Republican governor also said it was unclear what role Trump played in crafting Trump Jr.'s initial response to news reports about the meeting, which Trump Jr. first said was "primarily" about adoption and its relation to U.S. sanctions on Russian Federation under the Magnitsky Act.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress earlier this year that he was alarmed by the optics of the meeting between Lynch and Clinton, coming just as the FBI was wrapping up its investigation into questions about the email server used by Mr. Clinton's wife, the former Secretary of State.

Kellyanne Conway desperately invoked the Benghazi attacks and the Obama administration's rhetoric over health care reform to try to change the subject from the Trump administration's bald-faced lying regarding the Russian Federation investigation.

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Mueller reportedly convened a grand jury for his investigation.

On ABC's "This Week," Tillis said that the legislation should not indicate that lawmakers believe Trump is moving toward dismissing Mueller.

"I can only imagine how the country would react if Robert Mueller were fired just because the president [didn't] like the investigation", he continued. "And so I think that everybody, in retrospect, knows this was a bad idea".

"We don't know that the president knew about those emails or about the content of those emails", Christie said. They forced Trump to sign a Russian Federation sanctions bill into law last week, and the Senate left town but technically stayed in session so that Trump can't fire, then self-replace, his attorney general and reshape the special counsel investigation.

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters reported Thursday that Mueller had convened a grand jury as part of the special counsel probe, and a source told CNN that he issued subpoenas for documents and testimony related to the Trump Jr. meeting.

"Let's talk about telling the truth", Conway snapped.

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