Nintendo not trending towards microtransactions despite poor Super Mario Run sales

Nintendo not trending towards microtransactions despite poor Super Mario Run sales

He said that the company's freemium-style Fire Emblem Heroes is an "outlier" and that they prefer the Mario Run model.

That model involves the first few levels of Super Mario Run being playable for free with the remaining levels being locked behind a $9.99 paywall.

Although Super Mario Run is another endless runner on mobile devices, its unique qualities include an upfront cost and no backend microtransactions.

The game was seen listed on Google Play and it was available for pre-registering. Though the game saw tons of downloads, only about five percent of those users actually went on to purchase the game. While the Android launch this week will certainly help, as will the updates to the iOS version, the one-time pay model for the title likely means it'll be a short boost followed by more stagnation. Despite Super Mario Run being a very popular game that was downloaded by millions of people, the conversion rate for the game was around just 5%.

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During its earnings in January, Super Mario brought more than 78 million downloads.

According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run has not met expectations in terms of revenues. There's also the problem of the game's requirement: an internet connection. "We honestly prefer the "Super Mario Run' model".

"Heroes' is an outlier", a senior company official told Nikkei.

However for Android, it's interesting that Nintendo didn't try to twist the game's revenue model. Another goal for Nintendo is to mine the potential synergy future apps could have with the new Switch console, where players pick up the app to get hooked, and are convinced to further explore - and spend more money - on a larger version of the game.

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