Here's some new Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shown at PAX East

Here's some new Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shown at PAX East

With roughly a week before its official release, "Mass Effect: Andromeda" made some noise over the weekend at the PAX East 2017 event. The Pathfinder Edition comes with exclusive collectibles, which include a welcome letter, a field journal, a branded envelope, a galaxy chart, a distinct hardcover, a multiplayer booster pack DLC and last, a "Mass Effect Andromeda" Initiative backpack. Courtesy of Dualshockers, this gameplay video gives us an extended look at a loyalty mission for fellow squadmate, and weapons specialist Liam Costa.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action adventure RPG, and is the newest entry in Biowares hit Mass Effect series. The video features a lot of combat, including one in which the player gets defeated, so you can check out how things play out.

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The said missions helped fill out each and every character's backstory, and let players become intimately familiar and involved with each one of them. Mass Effect games have always had a plethora of unique characters that you interact with and *ahem* build relationships with, and Mass Effect Andromeda will have even more of them. Super Deluxe owners also get a Premium Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Pack for 20 weeks (one per week). It's all encased in a special distinct hardcover as well.

As you can see from the beginning, how you interact with your ship The Tempest has received quite the upgrade since Mass Effect 3.

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