ICE Agents Arrest Young Mexican Immigrant Covered By Obama's DACA Program

ICE Agents Arrest Young Mexican Immigrant Covered By Obama's DACA Program

Sonia is anxious, however, because on Wednesday, immigration officials detained a 23-year-old man in Washington state who had been in the country under DACA, and Sonia, who doesn't really know anyone in Mexico, isn't sure if she will be next.

23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina was arrested and detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Friday.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is responding to the detention of a 23-year-old man in the USA illegally but covered by DACA, the executive order implement by President Obama which provides deferred deportation action of immigrants who entered the US illegally as children. His attorneys say the arrest violates his constitutional rights to live and work in the United States without the fear of arrest and deportation.

"ICE must provide answers & release Daniel immediately". There will be a hearing on Friday. The man's representatives have vehemently denied alleged gang involvement.

"These operations targeted public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation's immigration laws, including those who illegally re-entered the country after being removed and immigration fugitives ordered removed by federal immigration judges", Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said in a statement on Monday.

According to the government, gang membership can be an indicator that an immigrant poses a public safety threat.

A small group of demonstrators gathered in Tacoma demanding Ramirez's release Tuesday.

An undocumented immigrant in Seattle might have been detained by immigration authorities over a tattoo, one of his lawyers said.

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Mr Ramirez has filed a lawsuit challenging his detention, which states: "The agents who arrested and questioned Mr Ramirez were aware that he was a DACA recipient, yet they informed him that he would be arrested, detained and deported anyway, because he was not 'born in this country, '".

They have current DACA credentials, the attorneys say, that allow them and an estimated 750,000 other "Dreamers", as such young people are known, to work and stay in the US if they renew their status every two years and do not commit significant crimes. While Medina had received amnesty under President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, DACA's rules don't allow recipients to be gang members.

Trump has promised a crackdown on the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, most of whom come from Mexico and other Latin American countries, but he has also hinted at lenience for those covered by DACA. Krikorian, who has advised the Trump administration on immigration policy, said Obama correctly prioritized limited deportation dollars on the most serious criminals. That's despite the fact that the president has suggested he wouldn't go after this population, recently saying Daca recipients "shouldn't be very worried". I do have a big heart.

'We're going to work something out that's going to make people happy and proud, ' he said.

"But President Trump's executive orders have taken a very expansive view of the term 'criminal, ' applying it in ways not seen before", she said.

This past week Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested hundreds of people believed to be in the country illegally in at least a half a dozen states.

Ramirez was arrested February 10 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and taken to the Northwest Detention Center to await the outcome of removal proceedings before an immigration judge, Richeson said.

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