Ultra Street Fighter II to Receive First-Person Game Mode

Ultra Street Fighter II to Receive First-Person Game Mode

The title, which is a new version of Street Fighter 2, will feature two new characters in the form of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, and will also add a new game mode for 2-versus-1 fights inspired by Street Fighter Alpha's Dramatic Battle mode.

The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3 and 99% of everyone is looking forward to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Final Challengers is coming to Nintendo Switch, a boxes for the game have already started showing up in Japan.

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The box blurb also makes mention of a "1st person POV full impact mode", and says that the Switch's Joy-Con controllers will be used.

You can actually catch a glimpse of the first-person mode in the game's announce trailer, at around the 2:08 mark of the above video. "Ha'DO'ken." Based on the corresponding screenshot, the mode looks to be a timed, combo-based fight against multiple Shadaloo soldiers. Given the Joy-Con motion controllers being specified, it could be that the player will have to use motion controls to perform the move. The content that will be featured in the art gallery include background art, characters sketches, and more. Those who have played 1994's Super Street Fighter II Turbo will instantly recognize the upcoming game as the updated version of 1994 Street Fighter game.

There is also a logo from Capcom's main game engine on the box, MT Framework. Now, it turns out that Capcom isn't quite done using Street Fighter 2 to surprise people.

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