[Breaking] Puzder withdraws nomination for labor secretary

[Breaking] Puzder withdraws nomination for labor secretary

"I'm honored to have been considered and am grateful to all who have supported me".

One Republican senator said more than six GOP senators asked the White House to not go through with Puzder's hearing Thursday because they don't see themselves voting to confirm him.

Puzder had come under fire for employing an undocumented immigrant for several years (for which he just paid back taxes) and faced scrutiny over previous allegations that he abused his former wife. Trump's nominee for National Security Council spokeswoman, Monica Crowley, was found to have repeatedly plagiarized in a 2012 book as well as her Ph.D. dissertation and withdrew herself from consideration. Fierstein has since retracted her allegations, including in a recent letter to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Politico reported.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer fanned the flames behind the opposition to Puzder in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump's top pick for Labour secretary has resigned after footage emerged of his ex-wife telling Oprah Winfrey he beat her.

"I'm pleased, but not optimistic the next pick with have any more moral authority given that the president has taken so many actions not to drain the swamp, but make sure the swamp full of his Wall Street cronies".

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Puzder's demise comes at a low point for the Trump administration, which appears to be in a state of chaos after Michael Flynn, the president's national security adviser, resigned amid reports that he spoke with a Russian diplomat about USA foreign policy before Trump was sworn in. AFSCME President Lee Saunders said Puzder had "nothing but contempt for everything the Labor Department stands for". He made a minor foray into politics in 2011, when he served as an economic adviser and spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who recently endorsed his nomination.

Puzder fans, meanwhile, called his decision "extremely unfortunate".

Puzder, the chief executive for CKE Restaurants, said in a statement that he decided not to continue with the confirmation process. "He was someone for whom we had a steady diet of wage and hour cases". The Trump administration has yet to name a new nominee for either position.

Disabled workers: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is delaying a rule to require federal agencies to enact hiring policies that favor individuals with disabilities.

Earlier that day, a source close to Puzder disclosed that he was likely to withdraw from his nomination due to stress from defending his past.

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