Government promises new affordable rent measures in White Paper

The government announced that it will examine how the planning system impacts on modern methods of construction - but most of the encouragement for modular construction will come from financial support from the Home Building Fund, administered by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), which will also target small and medium-sized developers.

The government is promising a new emphasis on people who rent their homes when it unveils its housing strategy this week.

The paper also contains punitive measures for developers created to speed up delivery and encourages local authorities to deliver more detailed plans for housing in their area, in a bid to speed up the local planning process.

The policy document will include measures to encourage "build to rent" developers, and to ensure more secure longer-term tenancies are more widely available in the private sector.

Describing the white paper, Mr Javid said: 'It will help the homeowners of tomorrow getting more of the right homes built in the right places.

"Absolutely we want to be a Government that helps people that are working hard to get on to the housing ladder, but if you are going to have a country that works for everyone you have to have something to say to people that want to rent a home as well". The Debrief has it on good authority that until very recently ministers were not allowed to use the term "housing crisis" while many people under the age of 30 have already accepted that they may never own their own home.

There are also plans to radically increase brownfield development and to bring life back to abandoned sites in town centres.

Speaking about these proposals, Alex Ely of mae said: 'While this could be a promising way to support innovative design, we have seen from the risible Starter Homes Design Guide, launched by former housing minister Brandon Lewis in 2015, that if poorly written it could spell disaster for the quality of our housing'.

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The government is preparing guidance to encourage local authorities to use compulsory purchase powers to seize "stalled" sites from developers and then auction off the land to other builders.

Overall, the government is aiming to build one million new homes by 2020.

"With prices continuing to skyrocket, if we don't act now a whole generation could be left behind", Javid warned.

The white paper includes reforms to the housing market and measures to increase the supply of new homes. However, Mr Javid stressed that green belt land will continue to be protected and that communities will have a say in house-building plans in their areas.

'This will help address the serious and growing gap between the number of planning permissions granted and the number of new homes completed, ' the paper says.

Housing minister Gavin Barwell has confirmed making renting cheaper and more secure will feature squarely in the Housing White Paper expected to be published tomorrow.

Crucially, the White Paper, for the first time, sets a Tory Government's stall out to help the rental market instead of focusing exclusively on homeownership.

It would also give local authorities the ability pressure property developers to start building on land that they owned.

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